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Havanese Training

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The Havanese is a smart, friendly breed that can make an excellent pet for most any family or living situation. While preferring the company of their favorite person, they are sociable with anyone and do great with children. Clownish, they will try their best to make you laugh! Although an energetic breed, they are happy to keep their playtime indoors and do not require a large backyard or hours long hikes. Read more about Havanese temperament.

Havanese Training

The Havanese is a natural clown, but they are also eager to please and eager to learn! Although never bred to work, the Havanese does have a natural predisposition to people-pleasing. This trait is what drives and motivates their desire to learn. Their clownish tendencies and people-pleasing trait align to make them the perfect trick dogs, too, and they were even once used as circus dogs! They love to learn and perform for their people or strangers! Read more about Havanese training.

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